MOSAICS  (left to right)  TYLER HILL  (k eyboards, production);    MARYAM SADEGHIAN  (vocals, piano);   DEVON KELTS  (vocals, guitar)  

MOSAICS (left to right) TYLER HILL (keyboards, production); MARYAM SADEGHIAN (vocals, piano); DEVON KELTS (vocals, guitar) 

"Few bands we’ve encountered do a better job of combining complex acoustic guitar with electronic elements." - The Music Ninja 


Combining the songwriting strengths of Alt-J and the production agility of Four Tet and Apparat, MOSAICS is a San Francisco trio crafting and spinning catchy, emotive electro and experimental rock tracks. 

With positive reviews from SF Weekly, The Music Ninja, Indie Rock CafeMagnet MagazineCMJ, The Big Takeover, MOSAICS is increasingly recognized as a rising, hot new band in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

The addition of vocalist and pianist Maryam Sadeghian to the original founding duo of Devon Kelts and Tyler Hill in 2016 has been a huge boost for the band, helping them to realize a greater depth and emotional range on their latest EP, Year of Valor, another compelling release to add to MOSAICS' ever- evolving muse. 

In the summer of 2017, the band released its most ambitious single to date, "Secrets"